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Welcome to Pre-Algebra. The purpose of the course is to develop the mathematical concepts and processes that can be used to solve a variety of real world and mathematical problems, with emphasis on strengthening the skills and concepts needed to succeed in Algebra 1. Beyond that, this course demands a strong communication link from the teacher to the student to the parent and back again, like a perfect circle of energy. It will be my wish that each student in this course conquers his or her greatest fear in math and puts forth an effort that will model excellence. I will make a commitment to help all my students feel they can accomplish this goal. Thank you for your support. Mr. Demarais  


Glencoe, a McGraw Hill Company, offers an array of resources. This website utilizes these resources created by this company and will not take credit for any of its strengths or weaknesses. This website receives no monetary value for its use. MathnMind does not take responsibility for the misuse of this information or contained files. These files were taken from the public website offered by Glencoe. The soul purpose of providing these files is to allow for student achievement in a manner consistent with teaching strategies desired by the instruction of Mr. Demarais.

Textbook Website

To access practice quizzes, on-line supplemental resources, and much more, visit

Textbook Resources

Student Textbook Study Guide and Intervention Skills Practice Practice
Reading to Learn Math Parent and Student Study Guide Workbook



Pre-Algebra Noteables Interactive Study Guide
Prerequisite Skills Workbook Answer Key for Textbook Assignments Foldables - Visual Aids to Assist Student Study FCAT Workbook

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Students are regularly assigned class work, homework, extra-credit, quizzes, tests, and projects throughout the course of a term. Students are required to remain in good standing with all assigned work. The following link will provide students with great details to when assignments are given, what the assignment is, the due dates for each assignment, and the week it is assigned.


Pre-Algebra Assignments


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